Our factory

Vortex values reach 5,409 miles - that’s straight from our head office in Harpenden, UK, matching European standards of production to Sri Lankan dedication

Our ties to Sri Lanka date back over 25 years, but in 2015 we were offered the opportunity to take over a struggling factory in the Panadura area.

All workers' salary areas and factory debts were paid off, staff re-trained and working environments enhanced. New machinery was purchased and Vortex Apparels (PVT) Ltd was born!

We now employ 90 workers skilled at manufacturing finer fabrics for tops, blouses and dresses. As well as making our own stock uniform items we make bespoke uniforms indirectly for banks, airlines and lots of front of house reception wear.

We are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 accreditations.

It makes us one of a select few garment factories in Sri Lanka to have achieved this status and is really important that our customers have confidence in our ability to do the job but also the assurance they are dealing with a correct and transparent supply base.

Central to our operations are ethical work practices and the welfare of our team.

We take pride in knowing the individuals who craft our garments collaborating closely with our Sri Lankan team to prioritise financial stability through competitive salaries, provident fund contributions, and overall staff welfare.

We know our staff's extended family and them ours. We work hard to ensure reliability and commitment to quality and we're confident the results speak for themselves in both the durability and craftsmanship of the uniform items we produce.

Work within our local community

Food Parcels

On a monthly basis, we provide our workers with essential food parcels to provide for their families.

Educational resources

We regularly donate children's books and supplies to local schools to support the education of Sri Lankan children.

Local Culture

We honour and celebrate local traditions and celebrations with our team.